idk why i can’t just follow through with what i say. it’s like my head and heart are in two different places   it’s like my brain and my mouth are in two different places. i agree to do things or say that i’ll do things that i know i’ll never do. i constantly disappoint and sometimes it doesn’t even phase me. it’s normal now. how sad is that?

i told some of my friends and myself that i was going to eat healthy and exercise this summer… that hasn’t happened. i told myself i was going to start yoga….summer is halfway over and i’m just going to my first yoga class (which is actually a breakthrough). i said i was going to rummage through my room and get rid of almost everything and then rearrange my furniture and paint and stuff… the farthest i’ve gone is cleaning out the trash and putting a few dresses in a box. 

it seems like all i can do is sit on my butt in my room or go out and spend my dad’s money. 

i don’t know what’s wrong with me. it’s like i live to procrastinate. it’s no way to live 

sorry for rambles 

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I think the most hipster/carefree people are the ones who don’t feel the need to document every single time they’re on a hike or having a nice day outside, or went to a cool party. They know it happened and they still have the memory but it’s not there for everyone to see (on social media). It’s not for show, it’s for their own personal enjoyment. 

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I just need an outlet to write my thoughts. Maybe its to a nameless void or maybe someone will see them, but nevertheless i need it. 

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